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Ranch Proprietors:
Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
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Agisting (Boarding) Your Alpacas With Us!

Do you have the perfect alpacas picked out, but are not ready or able to bring them to your home just yet?  We have a wonderful solution for you!  We invite you to consider us when looking for a home for agisting (boarding) your alpacas.  We offer excellent care and interaction with the alpacas daily.  You can buy your favorite alpacas from us and agist them here.  And we are happy to agist your alpacas purchased elsewhere too.

DSC02920We have owned alpacas since 2006, and have both Huacaya and Suri’s alpacas.  In our early years, we agisted ourselves, so we know just how important it is to find a good home for your alpacas. We offer very competitive rates, and have a full time ranch manager on site (Howard).

We provide gentle, trustworthy interaction with them regularly, and treat your alpacas just like part of the family.  Ranch visitors love that all of “our” alpacas like to come to us without pellets being the reason they approach.

Rotational grazing principles are used to provide year round pasture. We also feed them orchard grass hay, alfalfa when needed, free choice minerals, with supplemental pellets  given daily. Veterinarian services are extra.

We offer specialized services, and work closely with our agistors to give you and your alpacas the care you want such as halter training, husbandry, education, etc. References are available!     Call for more information:

Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
(530) 272 -1218 ranch (707) 373-6871 Cynthia cell

Updated April 26, 2018