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Size: Square, Oval
Color: Natural Multi

Luxury for your bath

Alpaca Felted Goat Milk & Olive Oil Soap

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  • Each soap is unique. A blend of alpaca fiber colors over hand-made soap.
  • Soap ingredients: Olive Oil, Goat milk, water, sea salt, fragrance

Product Description

Benefits of Felted Soap
Soap and a Loofah / Washcloth in One
Eliminating the need for a washcloth or bath sponge, our all natural soap gently exfoliates your skin. Excellent for gardener’s hands, keep a bar at the kitchen sink, at the gardeners cleansing station or anywhere you place soap. For arthritic or children’s tiny hands, the fiber makes it easier to hold onto your bar of soap and this cozy bar lasts longer than standard soap. After every use, store it on a soap dish that will allow all sides to dry out.
You are getting a wash cloth and soap bar all in one great package! Once the felted bar has been soaked and begins to lather up, you have a wonderful natural wash cloth to bathe with.
Skin exfoliation! A felted soap bar is great for mild skin exfoliation, which is very important to incorporate on a weekly basis to help shed unwanted dead skin cells.
Felted soap bars are not slippery like a regular soap bar which can be slippery and easily dropped in the shower.
They make excellent gifts, especially for those hard to shop for ones in our lives. Not too many people have an alpaca felted soap bar, nor have they ever heard of them. Most likely they will appreciate the creativity and be intrigued to put it to use.
A handcrafted therapeutic soap bar will last much longer if it is felted. Felted soap bars should be placed on a soap tray to dry out, but will not turn to mush as quickly as an un-felted soap bar.
Re-Use the pouch when soap is gone. If you’ve finished your bar and the soap is all gone the felted part is still usable! With the soap missing the felt now has a pocket in the center where the bar of soap used to be. You can cut one of the ends off and use the felted pouch to house jewelry, cell phones, change or whatever else you can think of!
Alpaca felt lovingly grown and crafted in Grass Valley, CA at Sierra Rose Alpacas.
Soaps are high quality hand-made soaps.