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An Environmentally
Friendly Way to Enrich
Your Family's Lifestyle
Ranch Proprietors:
Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
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Enrich Your Family's Lifestyle

Our vision: Is to help you enjoy "An Environmentally Friendly Way to Enrich Your Family's Lifestyle."

We have created a vibrant and sustainable alpaca ranch where we offer alpaca tours, local yarn and products from our alpacas, produce and sell “Made in America” Alpaca products.

We love everything alpaca, and have a wide variety of alpaca yarn from our animals available at our ranch store. We hand-dye our yarn from plants grown here too! We have award winning alpacas, with 6 in the top 1% for fineness consistently year after year.

We strive to bring the American-bred Alpaca and USA fleece goods to a level of quality, reputation and distinction that surpasses the overseas market by not only breeding with excellence, but providing the support and education that will enable others to do the same, thus ensuring the viability of Alpaca ranchers for generations to come.

AND, maybe most importantly - Alpacas are simply a wonderful animal to be around!!

Magical Alpacas and Sustainable Farming - Tours, Local Yarn & Gifts Available

Alpacas.... Have you dreamed about having a sustainable small farm? One where you and your family could live in harmony with nature, your kids could learn about science in the real world instead of just the classroom, and you could supplement your income for your family from what you produce?

We certainly had that dream. With our greatest life adventure (through hard work, planning and more than a little luck) we are a working Alpaca ranch were we breed and sell alpacas, have a farm store of alpaca products, and offer tours for you to come meet and visit alpacas. For tours, please click on our tours tab.

Our alpaca’s grow the most beautiful fleece, which we shear off them once a year. We turn that fleece into beautiful products, such as yarn, hats, gloves, socks, rugs, art and more. The properties of alpaca fiber are such that it feels luxurious on the skin. Most people do not have sensitivities to alpaca fiber either, having a different structure to it than sheep wool, goats, etc. Alpaca has a natural luster to it, and simply feels marvelous, warm, yet lightweight.

In addition to their fabulous fiber – for which they really are raised - our alpacas create the most life-giving, rich manure which composts into an amazing soil amendment. We use this to feed our pastures, our flowers and landscaping, and our organic vegetable gardens.

But, there’s more to sustainable farming than just fiber and fertilizer. Our goal was to create a ‘circle of sustainability’ with our ranch. The Alpacas grow a very usable fiber, which we wear, use (and sell). Shearing takes place once per year, after which time the fleece regrows. The land feeds the Alpacas, the Alpacas feed the plants, and we eat the veggies and enjoy the flowers that are enhanced with their “alpaca gold”. Howard enjoys growing a dyers garden so he can dye alpaca fiber/yarn into beautiful, natural plant based colors. A very symbiotic relationship, indeed. Because of our sustainability practices, we are a FIBERSHED Transitional Climate Beneficial Farm.
Alpacas are adorable and trainable, yet they are still livestock and herd animals with specific needs and care. We hope you come visit to find out more about these wonderful animals.

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