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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Francesca’s Corner May 2017

Hello to All My Fans!
I know that it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to catch all of you up on the latest happenings here at Sierra Rose. One of our biggest yearly events is coming up in just two weeks—shearing! I can’t wait! I can remember back to last year, and how good it felt to get all those pounds and pounds of fiber off my back (and all my other places too). I looked so good. I was slimmed down and my coiffure made me look like a million bucks. We were all dressed up with nowhere to go.
Shearing had been scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but the weather turned cold and my owners decided to put it off. I am glad that they did because we had some nights that dipped close to freezing–Brrrrr.
But let me tell you, all this fiber is becoming a burden to carry. The heat makes me sweat, my skin itches sometimes and I have to rub along the fence just to scratch the itch. The best relief is when someone comes out to turn the water hose on us. All us girls are fighting for position to get right into the water, it feels so good to get cooled down—you would think we were going through the Change.
Anyway, I promise to let you know how it turns out this year. Stay in touch.

Kiss Kiss,

I am available to see my fans by appointment, 530. 272.1218. Please check with my agents Howard and Cynthia for dates and times. I do hoofographs (like an autograph) for my fans and love photo-ops to show off my lovely fleece and trademark eyelashes.