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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Francesca’s Corner (of the pasture) Sept. 2017

Hello to All My Fans! Well, here I am again taking pen in hand (or toes, as the case may be). I have been on break for the Summer, but now it is time to get back to work. Things are going well here. Opal, my daughter, and I are beginning to put on our winter coats. We sure look better now than just after we were sheared. It was positively embarrassing to see all of our herd mates walking around in just their birthday suits. (Although I do have to say that Maverick was looking especially handsome). Now and again I see Opal checking out Crimson Knight and looking at him in that certain way, this is not good. (Editor’s note: Francesca and Opal can be quite the flirts.)

Now on to serious business. I wanted to talk to you about toenails (ours, not yours). We do not have a split hoof as do many ruminants. We have two toes with nails that have to be trimmed when they grow out too long. Our wild relatives walk on hard rocky ground that keeps their nails worn to a comfortable length. We, however, have the good life (read soft) here, and so must depend on our agents/caretakers to take care of that need for us. Everyone has their nails trimmed at least once a year at shearing. Some of my girlfriends have nails that grow out so fast, that they need their pedicure more often – two to three times/year! For nail trimming, most of us will just stand while one of our agents lifts one of our legs at a time and cuts the nail level with the toe pad. While we do not like to be held in this way, we really do appreciate the results when we have our nails done. Mmm hmmm! I have even heard of alpacas having their nails colored. Hmmm, what do you think of that? Should we? Maybe I can talk my agents into that. (Editor’s note: Not likely).

I’m looking forward to my fans coming out and seeing me Sept. 30 and Oct 1!
Until then hugs and kisses all around.

Kiss Kiss,

I am available to see my fans by appointment, 530. 272.1218. Please check with my agents Howard and Cynthia for dates and times. I do hoofographs (like an autograph) for my fans and love photo-ops to show off my lovely fleece and trademark eyelashes.