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Ranch Proprietors:
Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
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Paca Stories~Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose

Favorite food: Mom’s milk.
Favorite game: King of the Hill.
Hobbies: Running and jumping.
Politics: What’s that?
Aspirations: To be a big Alpaca like Mom.
World View: The far pasture.
Favorite drink: Mom’s milk, duh.
Friends: My herd mates.
Favorite color: White, of course!

Hi! I’m Georgia Rose. I am 3 months old and live with my Mom and herd mates on a pretty big ranch. I am a big girl, not like the babies who were born last week. They are BABIES! They don’t know anything.

I know how to run really fast and jump over my half-brother Sidney. He never sees me coming. Sometimes we play King of the Hill on a really big mound of dirt in our pasture. I like winning the game, and also like leaping off the mound to show how springy my legs are.

Life is good here. I have an endless supply of food from my Mom, and like to nibble on fresh grass. The humans give us hay and pellets too. The hay is kind of dry and I have to chew it for a long time.

Yesterday, I played a game with the barn cat, Oscar. Oscar thinks he’s so smart just because he catches a few rats now and then. He was pretending to be a lion and tried to stalk me. At first, my heart pounded, but then I quickly realized it was not really a lion but just old Oscar. I decided I wanted to sniff him, so I put my nose to the ground and trotted up to him.

I have no idea why that scared him so much! He ran really fast, looking back over his shoulder at me to see if I was still following. It was pretty fun scaring Oscar. I felt big. I would still like to sniff him though. He smells funny, kind of like dead fish. I think it’s that awful food he eats. He really ought to try some of ours, it smells a lot better. It might improve his breath, too. Maybe even his disposition. It can’t make you too happy to eat dead fish, after all.

Gotta go! Mom just passed by and I’m hungry again.

Updated April 26, 2018