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Paca Stories~Loki and Freya

Favorite friend: Each other
Favorite food: Pellets!
Favorite game: Tag
Hobbies: Teasing the grown Alpacas
Goals: Be adopted by a family with kids
World view: There’s a world beyond here?
Favorite color: Beige

We’re Loki and Freya. Our human Mom named us after Norse Gods and Goddesses, because she came from a place called Norway. We’re pretty sure that is far away.

Loki is the God of Mischief. Freya is the very feminine Goddess of Love. We’re pretty special.

Loki: I love to play and am always making my people laugh. Not so much my Alpaca Mom though. One day recently, I ran toward the fence at full speed and turned just at the last moment. This scares everyone. I know I’m really fast, and can even run faster than Freya. Sometimes I let her beat me though, because I really adore her. She needs me to protect her because she is smaller and more delicate than I am.

Freya: Loki is my best friend, but sometimes he thinks he’s the boss of me. I really am faster than he is. REALLY. Why, the other day, I waited until he wasn’t looking and ran past him so fast it made his fleece blow back from his face. He tried, but he couldn’t catch me. I noticed that the humans were doubled over and shaking, so I walked up slowly because I didn’t want to frighten them. I was concerned they might be hurt. It turned out that they were laughing at us! It was fun to be so entertaining to them, so we took off at a gallop again. That Loki sure gets silly when the humans laugh.

Loki: We hear the older Alpacas talking about being ‘adopted’, and how much fun it is to have a family with kids. Some came to look at us a few days ago. They had two Cria – the little girl was a toddler and her brother was a little older. Kind of like Freya and me! I hope they’ll come back for us. They seemed kind and said they really thought we were beautiful. The Mom wants to ‘knit’, whatever that is. She talked about it a lot while she felt our fleece, so maybe ‘knitting’ has something to do with petting us.

Dinnertime! There’s lots of competition for those yummy pellets, so we better go.


Updated April 26, 2018