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An Environmentally
Friendly Way to Enrich
Your Family's Lifestyle
Ranch Proprietors:
Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
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Circle of Sustainability

Own an Alpaca and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Alpacas are perfect for small farming operations and can even happily live on as little as a 1 acre of land. Just some of the ways in which an Alpaca can support your small family garden or farm:

  • Alpacas graze on grass, and some weeds, reducing fire danger and often eliminating the need for exhausting (and polluting) weed-eating.

  • They produce nutrient-rich manure which, when composted with straw or other materials, makes superior organic fertilizer for your garden – watch how fast your vegetables or flowers grow!

  • Alpacas don’t overgraze a pasture. They never pull grass out by the roots, thus making it easier for you to maintain any pasture area without the need for replanting – saving you time and money.

  • Because of their smaller size, they don’t require a great deal of feed, making them an economical choice.

  • They become bonded to their human ‘family’ and are friendly and curious

  • Their soft, padded feet are gentle on the soil thus saving land from erosion.

  • Alpaca fleece is soft and luxurious, contains no lanolin like sheep’s wool, making cleaning of the fleece for fiber arts a simple process.

  • An experienced spinner can card the fleece, create soft and warm yarn, and weave a shawl on a loom in a very short amount of time. Knit Alpaca yarn garments are exquisitely soft and warm, feel wonderful to the touch and stylishly protect you against the winter chill.

Where else can you find a friendly, docile small animal that eats your weeds, produces amazing fertilizer to help your garden grow strong and fast, doesn’t eat much, gives you fleece to make your winter clothing, and is sweet and loving? Only an Alpaca provides the most environmentally friendly solution to a family farm or small organic farming operation.

Updated June 17, 2018