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An Environmentally
Friendly Way to Enrich
Your Family's Lifestyle
Ranch Proprietors:
Howard and Cynthia Kuhlmann
Sierra Rose Alpacas, Grass Valley, California Sierra Rose Alpacas - Alpaca farm in CA Northern California alpaca clothing and farm products California alpaca farm Kids love alpacas Sacramento, CA area alpaca farm Alpaca lifestyle in California Alpacas on a California livestock farm



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Alpaca Owners Association:


  We are a climate beneficial farm! Local Fiber, Local Dye, Local Labor



Dr. Robin Skillman, DVM 916-539-1388 (She visits you)

Dr. Michelle Ing, DVM 916-847-5214 (You bring your alpacas to her – can hospitalize them if needed)

UC Davis Camelid Veterinarian Clinic:

Additional Resources for Alpaca Owners

Poisonous Plants Cornell Univ.:


Alpaca Shearer’s: Please note this is for informational purposes only, not an endorsement.


Please note: the shearers included in this list are being provided as a resource and aren’t necessarily recommended or endorsed

In no particular order:  2024 list (not researched to see if everyone still operating)

Sergio Balcorta (Shear Magic)530-761-1987 [email protected]

TopKnot Shearing: 406-219-1255  [email protected]

 Steven Batrick Bell 541-913-9959 [email protected]

Alex Crawford (had worked with Josh Swink) Email: [email protected] 530-613-9355

Brian Gnizak, Shear Relief [email protected] 330-317-6135

Cody Fifield, High Country Alpaca Services 928-245-8482 [email protected].

Ruby Blume, shears alpacas, llamas and sheep Home base is Southern Oregon, geographical focus is Northern CA and Southern Oregon 541-291-9335 (VM), [email protected],

Mikala Larsen Home base is Oregon but does come to California 541-600-6234 [email protected]

Jeffrey Ebel:  Ebel Shearing Services  315-628-1191

Gina Gouveia [email protected]






Updated May 17, 2024