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Thursday, September 21, 2017

New at Sierra Rose Alpacas Ranch

2017 AOA National Fleece Conference Results!
We were lucky to have our National Alpaca Owners of America Fleece Conference in our own backyard this year. We submitted some of our fiber to a category called a “Spin-off”. This is where a sample of our fleece is sent to a judge, and she hand-spins it into yarn. Each submission is rated for specific qualities. We competed against all of the U.S.alpaca owners to see just how well our breeding program is doing. We already know (through lab testing) that we have over 6 alpacas that consistently rank in the top 1% in the U.S. in several categories, including fineness. Well, we are pleased with our results! We won 3 first places, & 1 second place. As we breed for consistent fineness (translation: produces great yarn from the same alpaca for many years!!) we are quite proud of our results. If you want some of this awesome yarn, stop by or shop online at our webstore. However, since Cynthia is slow in getting items into the webstore please call for updated inventory.

In response to numerous requests to help at the ranch, we are accepting applications for helpers in the following areas: (1) Work with fleece (after it has been removed from the animal). This includes cleaning, sorting, skirting, picking and carding. (2) Working with the animals. We will teach you to halter them, lead them, feed them, and to perform health evaluations. (3) Ranch-related work. This can include fence building and repair, irrigation systems, pasture preparation and maintenance, small construction projects, and other work as scheduled.

When visiting our ranch, one thing people notice is how our alpacas enjoy walking with us, & follow us around without the promise of a treat. Impressed? You bet! Our alpacas have learned to trust us, as we love to spend time with them, and treat them respectfully.

At Sierra Rose Alpacas, we strive to create a vibrant and sustainable ranch where we breed high quality Alpacas, provide education and support to our customers, and simply enjoy all the lifestyle benefits that owning and caring for alpacas bring. Not only do alpacas provide us beautiful fiber to make lovely yarn, and unique wearable art, but their organic fertilizer helps us grown the best vegetables in our garden!

Alpacas are simply wonderful animals to be around. Many people want to enjoy the unique, wonderful alpaca as part of their lifestyle. If that’s you, we can help! Come visit our ranch and find out more about these wonderful animals. Alpacas are herd animals. And just like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

Are you planning to have alpacas? Let us help you design your area for safe fencing, herd management and safety from predators. Did you know dogs are the #1 killer of alpacas in the U.S.? Sad but true. Have good fencing to keep the unwanted dogs (and mountain lions) out, & / or get livestock guardian dogs to protect your herd. Llamas are good guardians, but they can be killed by predators too.

Need some time to pay for your herd? We can help finance them for you, interest free. We have several plans to help you! Want to adopt an alpaca but don’t have a place to keep her? We can help! Keep her her, and come visit, we care for your girl, and you can learn to walk her, care for her, you can! You get all her lovely fleece, and to know you have your very own alpaca to come love!