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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowflakes, Magical Socks and Warm Alpacas

Snowflakes are drifting slowly to the ground, dipping and tilting like tiny parachutes. The cold has arrived, insidious and stealthy, while we were busy being lulled into complacency by the lovely fall. We are surprised by its harsh bite after being caressed by the soft breezes of just a few weeks ago.

In the mornings, we dutifully put on our parkas when venturing out to feed the Alpacas. We wear our Alpaca fiber socks, which are nearly magical in their ability to warm our ice-cold feet. We don scarves, hats, gloves. (Alpaca, of course). Long underwear, turtlenecks, sweaters.

All the layers begin to make us feel as if we are the little brother in ‘A Christmas Story’ who was unable to do anything save waddle along with his arms straight out to the side. It is with awe and admiration that we view our Alpacas on these frigid mornings. Their fleece is nothing short of miraculous in its ability to insulate their bodies.

Even on the coldest, most inclement mornings, Alpacas are quite comfortable. They need only a three-sided shelter to stay warm and dry in driving rain or snow. They may appear wet, but it is merely the outer layer. The fleece underneath is toasty warm and completely dry.

This not only makes Alpacas easy to care for in winter, it means that their fleece can do for you what it does for them – keep you warm and dry. Alpaca products are hypoallergenic, water-wicking, do not make you itch like wool, are incredibly soft with a wonderful cushion-like feel. Did I mention warm? I can no longer imagine going out in biting cold without my Alpaca fleece socks. My feet are spoiled for eternity.Extreme Boot Sock

The best part? After the chores are finished, the Alpacas munching happily on their hay, and the paddocks and shelters clean, I will treat myself to a chair by the fire with my Alpaca throw tucked in around me, surrounding me in a luxurious cloud of soft contentment.

Sierra Rose Alpacas has the ‘Magical Socks’ for YOU! Along with scarves, hats, gloves, throws and even a baby blanket, they make a perfect present for your loved ones. Even if that loved one is you.

Check out our online store at where you can find the Magical Socks and more! Our products are all made in the U.S.A. from U.S. bred and grown Alpacas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Warmth on Frosted Nights

Leaves are reaching their most beautiful moment here in the Sierra Foothills. It’s almost bittersweet watching them turn scarlet, amber and goldenrod, knowing the spectacular sight precedes their falling to the ground in quiet surrender to nature’s wishes. Sierra Rose Alpacas is fortunate to be in one of the prettiest locations of our country – a place with real seasons and treed vistas.

The waning of fall into winter brings briskly cold nights and the Holidays are approaching. Long nights by a roaring fire, bread baking in the oven and a soft, warm Alpaca yarn throw, enveloping you in luxury, makes those winter nights cozy and sensual.

It’s getting cold. Really cold. Does it seem surreal that we have suddenly gone from a lovely fall with temperatures in the 70’s to a mere 30 degrees this morning? Soon, 30 will seem a bit balmy, and we may well be trudging through snow to feed our Alpacas.

What’s the antidote to all this frost? Alpaca fleece! What better gift could you give yourself (or those you love) to help ease the pain of cold toes and fingers? Alpaca fiber socks and gloves not only are warm and soft, but last a long time – give a pair of Alpaca gloves to a friend and you’ll be thought of with love each year as soon as it becomes cold.

Alpaca fleece is some of the softest, most luxurious fleece in the world. In ancient Inca culture, only royalty were allowed to wear garments made from this fleece. The royals could easily be identified by their clothing; it was evidence of their exalted status.

The fiber from Alpacas is sought-after by fiber artists the world over. Whether they knit, crochet, weave, or felt – everyone loves to work with Alpaca yarn. Not only is it lovely to wear; it simply feels wonderful to sit with a pile of Alpaca yarn on your lap on a cold evening and knit a sweater.

Alpaca fiber is semi-hollow, similar to micro-fiber in its ability to trap air and ideally regulate warmth. Semi-hollow fibers are lighter in weight and trap air in the core, causing the wearer to warm up quickly. It also ‘wicks’ moisture, instead of trapping it – which means it allows moisture to be transported from your body through the fabric to the outside, where it can evaporate.

Naturally flame retardant, it has extremely high tensile strength, superior thermal properties, contains no lanolin and requires no chemicals to process. It is hypoallergenic and is a renewable resource (Alpacas are shorn each year). Best of all, it comes in twenty-two natural colors! Even if you wish to add dye, it takes much less to add rich color to Alpaca fiber than any other natural fiber.

Surrounded by Alpaca fiber creations in our garage on a brisk fall morning, watching the frost slowly melt and drip from the corners of the barn roof, we’re reminded of the circle of life. This time of year is magical as we prepare for the inevitable cold. We gather the yarn, scarves, shawls, throws, gloves and socks to prepare to share in the bounty with others. It makes our hearts glad to know we are providing warmth and softness to others through our efforts and those of our beloved Alpacas.

Sierra Rose Alpacas carries only U.S. made Alpaca products. We have a wonderful selection of quality-made Alpaca creations from which you can choose. Visit us on our next Open Ranch Day, Sunday, December 2 from noon-4 p.m. and find the perfect warm and soft gift for someone you love.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome to the World, baby girl!

Here I am at just 3 hours old! I am standing next to mama who is SOO proud of me!! She coo’s and humms to me all day long! I love the sound of her voice! I am a hungry little gal, and mama’s milk is SO sweet! Like all little ones, I like my nap after eating too! Can you see the smile on my face as I sleep and dream of mama and me? I think there’s still some milk on my lips — hm hm good! Can you think of a pretty name for a sweet gal like me? I want it to start with a “P” cuz I’m so pretty!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Want To Do WHAT With My Fleece?

What Are You Going To Do With Those Clippers!!!

What Are You Going To Do With Those Clippers!!!

You want to do WHAT with my fleece?

Did you ever wonder how those soft, luxurious sweaters are made with Alpaca yarn? Discover how to take the fleece from an Alpaca like Bronson, card it, spin it and make yarn.

Relax, Bronson.

The good news for Bronson is that he’ll grow more fleece every time he’s sheared. It doesn’t hurt him (it actually keeps him cooler in the summer months)

Sierra Rose Alpacas will have carding, spinning, knitting and other fiber art demonstrations at their upcoming Alpaca Farm Days Festival!

Award winning weaver Jacalyn Royce, of Treehouse Handwovens , will be there to show how to weave using Alpaca yarn. Would you like to try? She’ll have a loom set up for you to experience the wonders of weaving!

For more information and a schedule, please visit our website at www.sierrarosealpacas and see ‘events’.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How To Create the Perfect Compost

Francesca Pondering About Your Garden

Francesca Pondering About Your Garden

How to create the perfect compost:

~Buy an Alpaca (or two!)
~Feed her hay and pellets
~Provide fresh clean water
~Pick up the Pacapoo
~Add other compost ingredients if desired
~Encourage macro-organisms such as earthworms to participate in the process
~Turn the pile, wait more
~Or, just work it into the soil around your vegetable garden or landscape plants. Alpacas provide a high quality fertilizer that is wonderful right from the animal. You may or may not wish to add anything else, and don’t even have to wait to use it.
Want more valuable information about composting? Come to Sierra Rose Alpacas ‘Farm Days’ Festival and hear Patrick Rodysill of My Farm Fare ( talk about creating nutrient-rich compost from Alpaca Poo, and how to use the compost in a sustainable farming model.

The Festival is on September 29 and 30 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Sierra Rose! Admission is FREE! See for directions and an event schedule!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Embracing Sustainability at Sierra Rose Alpacas

Have you dreamed about having a sustainable small farm? One where you and your family could live in harmony with nature, your kids could learn about science in the real world instead of just the classroom, and you could sustain your family on your own produce?

We certainly had that dream. With our greatest life adventure (through hard work, planning and more than a little luck) we have a working Alpaca ranch. Our Alpacas create the most life-giving, rich manure which composts into an amazing fertilizer. We use this to feed our pastures, our flowers and landscaping, and our organic vegetable gardens.

But, there’s more to sustainable farming than just fertilizer. Our goal was to create a ‘circle of sustainability’ with our ranch. The land feeds the Alpacas, the Alpacas feed the plants, we eat the veggies and enjoy the flowers. A very symbiotic relationship, indeed. The extraordinary bond between humans and the animals who share our lives is one that gives joy and purpose in amounts far greater than the effort we expend.

Alpacas do more than help us to feed our family and friends. Their fleece is amazingly soft and strong – it is often compared to Cashmere. Shearing takes place once per year, after which time the fleece regrows. It is entirely possible to get several winter garments from the fleece of one animal.

We are sharing the magic of sustainable farming with you. On September 29 and 30, we are inviting the public (that’s YOU!) to our Alpaca Farm Days Festival. Planned are activities for adults as well as children. Admission is FREE!

The incomparable Marney Blair of Fulcrum Farm will be talking about sustainable farming (she has been successfully doing it for many years right here in Nevada County) and will be showing how to take the manure from an Alpaca and turn it into GOLD for your plants.

We are also showing the process of making yarn from carding fleece to spinning. It is an amazing process, a skill (and an art) passed on from generation to generation. This is how warm winter clothing was made for hundreds of years. It is enjoying a comeback, as people realize the beauty and wonder of creating something both sensual and useable from the bounty of their animals. Knitters are enamored of Alpaca yarn, and say there is nothing that compares to sitting by a warm fire on a cold winter night while knitting a homemade sweater from the softest and most luxurious yarn.

Add to that Penney the Clown with her magic show and face painting, music, food and drink, Alpaca items to purchase, demonstrations with Alpacas which highlight the ease with which these charming animals can be handled and trained, and photos with Francesca and her friends for you and your kids. You will fall in love with the lovely and friendly Francesca!

If you have given any thought to sustainable agriculture on small acreage (two Alpacas can happily live on only ¼ acre) this is the festival you need to visit. You will come away with knowledge, ideas, and a very happy family!